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Welcome to Klinic Torp

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Klinic Torp offers physiotherapeutic massage and wellness treatments in Lemvig, situated in the northwest part of Jutland.

Physiotherapeutic massage is a deep tissue massage with special attention to the condition of each muscle, its origin and insertion.
Physiotherapeutic massage is always used as treatment of tense muscles caused by e.g. exercise, static body postures, working postures, stress etc.

Treatments can be combined in various ways, call for further information and special offers.

Book an appointment now at phone: +45 3030 4166

Types of treatments and prices at ClinicTorp:

Leg massage – limbers up your muscles and ensures an improved circulation
in your legs, improved fat burning and more rapid discharge of waste products:



300 DKK

Back massage – improves your circulation, relieves muscle pain and
increases your metabolism:


300 DKK

Full-body massage – to improve your body balance: 500 DKK


Apart from the above fixed prices for massage I would be pleased to put together a special package for you or those you wish to spoil.

About LisbethTorp and the clinic:
I am medical examined masseur, who graduated in 2009 from the education center “Krop og Helse” in Viborg. Since April 2009 I have had my own clinic “Klinik Torp” in Lemvig.

The education contains lessons in anatomy, physiology, basic massage, treatment of injuries, clinic management and rehabilitation.

I am a member of ”Massørermes Brancheforening” (Danish trade organization for masseurs).

Additionally, I have received training in wellness treatments, i.e. hot stones, Indian scalp massage, baby massage and educational massage.

I have been a masseur for various handball players in Lemvig and in 2009 I was masseur for the Danish national team in road cycling during the competition “Post Danmark Rundt”.

Being situated at the ground floor Klinic Torpis easily accessed for everybody including persons with difficulties in walking and persons in wheelchairs. Parking facilities are available right next to the clinic.

If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be pleased to tell you more about what Klinic Torp can offer for you.

Lisbeth Torp
January 2015